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Product sourcing services and consultants

A+ Worldwide is a full service supplier for manufacturers all over the world. We specialize in supporting manufacturers so that they can deliver product on time that meet exact specifications and enable them to maximize profits. With over 20 years of importing from all over the orient (mainly China), A+ Worldwide has the experience and infrastructure needed to deliver a high expectation of service while avoiding the stress of dealing with low cost manufacturing territories.

A+ Worldwide includes offices and staff up and down the East Coast of mainland China and staff in Southern Taiwan. All of our employees are native Chinese and speak fluent English along with the native tongues in various dialects. Our USA and Canada staff and warehouses support real time answers along with same day distribution.

If you are looking for all or an a la carte of the below, call us today!

Our Services A+ Worldwide is a full service supplier to manufacturers across the globe. We understand that everyone has different needs so we offer the following services as a stand alone or in combination, for a total and complete package... read more...
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About Us A+ Worldwide is a full service sourcing company that assists Western manufacturers with their business relationships in Asia. With over 20 years of experience importing / distributing product for manufacturers, A+ Worldwide works closely with... read more...